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Marriage Challenges

Currently, we are offering a way for you to receive the marriage challenges by way of texts for free.

If you're interested in signing up for the marriage challenges, husbands, text the word "groom" and wives, text the word "bride" to (833)996-3056.


You will need to reply "yes" to confirm you want to receive them.

If participating in texted marriage challenges, please read these instructions:

Most of the challenges are to be done for each other separately. For example, one week the husband might be challenged to give his wife a massage with no strings attached, while the wife is challenged to encourage her husband in an area he is having success. However, sometimes the challenges are to be done together. For example, be intentional about kissing every day that week. In this case, the challenge will say “together,” and both spouses can discuss and complete that challenge together. If it doesn’t say “together,” the challenges should not be discussed. Just surprise each other.

When your spouse does, or says, something nice, you may think, I bet that was their challenge this week. They only did that because they were told to do it. Another way to look at it is, I’m so glad my spouse wants to show me love and is giving this a try!

Although the intent is for you to focus on completing one challenge per week, our hope is that, as you begin putting them into practice, these expressions of love become a part of your marriage lifestyle.

We believe completing marriage challenges is so beneficial for marriages, we are currently making them accessible to anyone. There is no fee to sign up for the marriage challenges at this time; however, if you would like to donate to help with the cost of maintaining them, you can do that here:

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