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Date Plans for Married Couples

After marriage, it’s too easy to fall into a routine and allow busyness to take over. Romance slips through the cracks causing spouses to feel more like roommates than lovers. Marriage In Abundance’s Dates Plans for Married Couples is one year of creative weekly date plans for couples to connect weekly. This isn’t simply a book of date plans for the purpose of having fun together—although, you will be sure to do that! While some of the dates are just plain fun because “fun” and marriage should not be separated, some of the dates have deeper meaning. Some will challenge you to think outside yourselves, like putting together a care package. Some dates will inspire creativity, which taps you into emotion and deepens bonding. Some dates will spice it up in bed, like a scavenger hunt with foreplay at each stop. Also, with the included discussion questions, you will improve communication—about everyday life, your marriage, and spirituality—possibly some subjects you’ve never before discussed.

If you want to have fun while deepening your connection and rekindling the romance, this book is for you! Step out of your rut and into vitality!

Marriage In Abundance's Couples' Devotions

Do you wish marriage came with an instruction manual? Look no further than the very Creator of marriage. Throughout God’s Word are various Scriptures as a blueprint to discover his design, intention, and instructions for marriage.

This book contains one year of weekly devotions (4 devotions each month) to help you grow closer to God and each other as a couple. In reading these devotions with your spouse, you will:

  • Discover God’s purpose and plan for marriage.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Strengthen your marital bond.
  • Master taking on life’s challenges as a team.
  • Learn practical ways to improve, not just your marriage, but other relationships.

Throughout this study, you will dive into subjects such as transforming your mindset from autonomy to teamwork, forgiveness, vulnerability, allowing your spouse freedom to be who they are, finances, parental interference, unconditional love, healthy boundaries, supporting each other, carrying each other’s burdens, listening with compassion, and healthy conflict resolution.

Discussion questions are included with each devotion to inspire thought and life application. Using these prompts to share your thoughts and struggles will help you, as a couple, to connect at a deeper level. Even if your marriage is a well-oiled machine, this devotional is a great way to study Scripture together, communicate deep thoughts, and connect spiritually every week.

Storms in life threaten to overtake your marriage. Using the direction in God’s Word as a protective umbrella, you can divert the rain into a cup that overflows!

Marriage Challenges

You love your spouse. But after you married, you got stuck in routine and busyness. Connection with each other took a backseat. Romance slipped through the cracks. Now you feel more like roommates than lovers. The marriage challenges in these books are suggestions for you to express love in a different way each week to show your spouse he or she is your priority amidst the hustle and bustle. With a simple gesture, just once a week, you will better meet your spouse's needs and desires. You will rekindle the romance. You will watch your marriage transform. 

For Him:

For Her:

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