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Our Story

When Joel and I married, in 2000, we were young and naïve about the storms that were to come and as to how our marriage could be a protective umbrella as we faced those fierce and unrelenting storms.

Though we had a fiery passion that brought us together, we viewed marriage as if we were competing with each other, instead of completing each other. We were competitors on opposing teams, attempting to be the smartest, wisest, and toughest. Our fiery passion turned into fiery arguments.

As in most marriages, the storms came, one after another. There was job loss, poverty, broken relationships within our extended family, and loss of family members. All of this came as we were raising four children, one of whom came to us through the foster system with its own challenges. When I was hit with an incurable cancer, our lives turned upside-down. I thought I was going to die, causing our perspective on life, each other, our family and all that really matters to take a 180 degree turn.

Over the years, Joel and I have had the precious privilege of investing in marriages, leading marriage classes and mentoring others through their trials. Along the way, I have found joy in this mission. My heart’s desire is to offer encouragement, hope and guidance to others whose marriages may be suffering or have become stagnant, as well as those whose marriages are strong but have taken a back seat to the demands of life.

​Though Joel and I aren’t perfect, and life continues to crash down all around us, we have learned to love each other more fiercely, laugh over the hard times, respect each other despite disagreement, put each other first, serve each other, and work as a team to combat difficulties. Though we can't stop the storms, we would love to teach you to use your marriage as an umbrella of protection through your storms. A healthy marriage can double your joy and divide your sorrow. It is my passion and an honor to help you invest in your marriage.

Where to go next?

Our goal at Marriage In Abundance is to help couples discover just how deep and meaningful their marriage relationship can be. Marriage In Abundance's approach to a better marriage includes: