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Life in Abundance

If you like the devotions in Marriage in Abundance's Devotions for Married Couples book, Life in Abundance has some of the same devotions, but without the marriage application, so the studies apply to anyone in any stage of life. Life in Abundance has twice the amount of devotions with more focus on your personal relationship with God. While they share some of the same devotions, it is worthwhile to read both books—Life in Abundance on your own and Marriage in Abundance with your spouse—to grow personally in your relationship with God and spiritually as a couple. 

Explore the depths of Scripture and experience a heart that overflows!

  • Are you curious about Scripture but have difficulty understanding it?
  • Do you read the Word but hunger for more?
  • Have you found yourself feeling disappointed after reading a fluffy devotional?
  • Do you want to go deeper?

In 100 devotions, Mandy Shrock helps you understand the Bible on a deeper level. After digging into the cultural and historical context of Biblical writings, studying the meaning of the Scriptures in their original language, and researching the views and interpretations of multiple theologians, she lays it out for you in easy-to-understand devotions.

  • In reading these devotions, you will:
  • Discover God’s incredible, enduring love for you.
  • Grow closer to God.
  • Strengthen your character.
  • Learn practical ways to improve your relationships.
  • Experience life transformation like never before.

Storms in life will threaten to overtake you, but with a strong foundation in God’s Word, you can divert the rain into a cup that overflows!

Coming soon

100 more devotions, "Life In Abundance, Book 2