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What is Marriage In Abundance?

Our goal at Marriage In Abundance is to help couples discover just how deep and meaningful their marriage relationship can be. Marriage In Abundance's approach to a better marriage includes:

  • Date Plans for Married Couples—weekly date plans for fostering creative, engaging, quality time together.
  • Couples’ Devotions—weekly studies to deepen your spiritual connection with God and each other.
  • Marriage Challenges—weekly suggestions for showing love to one another more effectively, plus monthly suggestions for eliminating unhealthy styles of conflict resolution. As our schedules become overloaded, marital connection takes a backseat. The marriage challenges are a way to intentionally slip romance into our busy, everyday routines.

Couples can choose any one of these parts to grow deeper in their relationship, but will have the best results when using all 3 parts together. 

Joel and Mandy are excited to help you discover a deeper level of intimacy like you’ve never experienced before!